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Meat Cutting Machine

Automatic Meat Roll Cutting Machine

Automatic Meat Roll Cutting Machine is used to cut frozen meat in roll shape, which can be used for making the mutton roll, beef roll, or other meat rolls.  This Meat Roll Slicing ...
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Automatic Meat Roll Cutting Machine is used to cut frozen meat in roll shape, which can be used for making the mutton roll, beef roll, or other meat rolls.  This Meat Roll Slicing Machine can cut out a variety of volume types such as coarse rolls, thin rolls, long rolls, straight pieces, square pieces, etc. The meat rolls with a temperature of 1-8 degrees below zero can be sliced without thawing. The meat pieces are not broken and the shape is neat and beautiful. All cut parts are easy to clean and can be removed without tools. No need to sharpen the knife, the unique design eliminates the trouble of users sharpening the knife and greatly reduces the user’s cost of use.




Advantage Feature of meat roll making machine
  1. Meat roll making machine is sliced and cut into a compact structure with optimized hygienic design.
  2. The casing and cutting grid are made of stainless steel.
  3. The cutter adopts double-sided cutting, which has high work efficiency.
  4. The cut meat rolls are available in sizes from 0.8mm to 600mm.
  5. Adjust the thickness cutting knob to carry out stepless speed regulation on the push rod, so that the meat material push rod can change the advancing speed to meet the requirements of different cutting thickness.
  6. The pre-pressure knob design is adopted to ensure uniform meat pieces during the cutting process. The product cutting process is consistent.
  7. When cutting with a single blade, the meat pusher is stepped to ensure correct cutting size.
  8. Adjust the meat pusher for stepping motion, and use single-edged cutting to greatly reduce the extrusion of the product during the cutting process.
  9. The side of the cutting groove adopts the movable side pressure structure, which is convenient for feeding and improves work efficiency.
  10. Each time the meat is cut, the stock is almost zero.
  11. Meat roll making machine can adapt to the normal cutting of meat from -5 °C to normal temperature, and is an essential equipment in meat processing.

Specification of Meat Roll Cutting Machine



Cutting rolls quantity1 rolls2 rolls

4 rolls

8 rolls
Slice speed50-60pcs/min50-60pcs/min50-60pcs/min50-60pcs/min
Slice thickness0.3-5mm adjustable0.3-5mm adjustable0.3-5mm adjustable0.3-5mm adjustable
Max cutting width200mm270mm510mm900mm
Max cutting height200mm200mm200mm200mm
Max cutting length600mm600mm600mm600mm
Dimensions (mm)650*350*4001100*400*13001100*660*1300




Working Video of Meat Roll Cutting Machine

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