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Automatic Meat Smoking House Machine

Automatic Meat Smoking House Machine is one of the essential equipment for meat curing and smoking. It has the function of boiling, drying, baking and smoking. This machine can co ...
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Automatic Meat Smoking House Machine is one of the essential equipment for meat curing and smoking. It has the function of boiling, drying, baking and smoking. This machine can cook and smoke all kinds of sausages(sausage, ham sausage, dry sausage), meat (cutlet, beef jerky, shish kebab, bacon), poultry(chicken, duck, drumstick, chicken wing, duck neck), fish, dried beancurd and bean curd skin. The smoked food color is bright and smoked product taste is delicious, it is fragrant and non-greasy. It can also improve the smoking environment, save labor and improve efficiency.


Automatic-Meat-Smoking-Machine-for-Sale  Smoked-Meat-Making-Machine-for-Sale

Smoke oven with cooking, baking, drying, smoking, color functions, mainly for smoked meat and fish products process, Heated by electricity or steam. The smoked oven can realize the mechanization, electrification, continuous production, greatly improve production efficiency; its production process is simple, the operation is convenient, s short time and labor intensity low pollution of environment and product play anticorrosion, preservation, to extend the shelf life of use.

Feature of Smoked Meat Machine

  1. The host framework interlayer is filled by high-temperature resistance material,one-stage molding, which improve the insulating effect and sealing performance, shorten the temperature rise time, save energy, improve efficiency, make the temperature control exact and run reliably.
  2. The smoking machine adopts circulating fan with impeller structure, the maximum speed of fan blade can up to 25m/s through 3000 r / min dynamic balance calibration, it can guarantee the temperature is uniform of each part, the temperature difference is smaller and guarantees the airflow of furnace is uniform.
  3. “U” type steam heat exchanger structure can improve the heat exchange area of 70%, quicken temperature rise speed, guarantee product temperature rise fast and heated uniformly.
  4. Smoke generator adopts wood grain fuming device, fuming stable, coloring fast, and the smoke into the cabinet is clean and health
  5. The machine has special systems to control temperature, humidity and time. PLC or normal electrical control and single or double door are available
  6. The steam valve can control the steam flow with accurate temperature control, and the temperature tolerance of the whole oven is less than 2 Celsius.
  7. The fan will keep the temperature equilibrium of the oven by rotating 3000r/min, 25m/s airspeed.

Specification of Meat Smoking Oven Machine

Capacity50 kg100 kg 150 200
Power4.5 kW18 kW4.55.5
High Pressure0.2 MPa0.9 MPa 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6
Low Pressure0.1 MPa0.08 MPa  0.1-0.2  0.1-0.2
Oven Temperature100°C-120°C100°C-120°C <100 <100
Standard Trailer(mm)980*940*15601000*1000*13501000*1000*1460
Capacity250 kg500 kg1000 kg
Power12.77 kW16.77 kW28.77 kW
High Pressure0.3-0.8 MPa0.3-0.8 MPa0.3-0.8 MPa
Low Pressure0.05-0.1 MPa0.05-0.1 MPa0.05-0.1 MPa
Oven Temperature100°C-120°C100°C-120°C100°C-120°C
Standard Trailer(mm)1000*1010*18601000*1010*18601000*1010*1860

Working Video of Meat Smoking Machine

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