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Automatic Fish Killing Gutting Filleting Machine for Sale

Automatic Fish Killing Gutting Filleting Machine has collected all the fuctions of scaling, opening the fish stomach, gutting, and cleaning fish body. It can processing and silver ...
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Automatic Fish Killing Gutting Filleting Machine has collected all the fuctions of scaling, opening the fish stomach, gutting, and cleaning fish body. It can processing and silver carp, bream fish, grass carp, black carp, carp, salmon, mandarin fish, tilapia, sea bass, sea fish and other fish. Scales to remove clean, do not hurt the skin, do not hurt their fins, fish beautiful, does not affect the effect of cooking fish.To remove the scales at the same time open the internal organs, gut accurate, viscera removal is clean, does not destroy the fish bile. In addition, the machine can be added another function to fillet fish into pieces.


Working principle of Automatic Fish Killing Machine

  1. Put the fish orderly into the inlet, the rolling brush spindle forward transport fish, in the course of transmission, roller brush on the fish’s scales are removed.
  2. Below the cutter opening belly fish, dig and offal, fish in the rolling process, the circular slot above the high pressure spray systems, In the process of to scales, put off the scales and internal organs is rinsed clean.
  3. Final adoption of the conveyer belt transporting fish.
  4. Processed fish, clean scaleless fish, offal all cleared directly for further processing operations.

Advantage Feature of Fish Killing Gutting Filleting Machine

  1. This machine fully is made of 304 Stainless steel, internal driven adopt 428H chain to drive. In order to decrease the output torque when the highload operation, to ensure100% output torque.
  2. Ripper adopts photoelectric sensors, time debugger.It can depend on the fish size, set the dig intestines time to ensure the removal of fish gut clean, and not to hurt the fish, to make sure the integrity of the fish.
  3. The machine can kill the fish continuously, after the first fish feed out of the descaling device, the second fish can be fed, thus improving the efficiency of fish kill.
  4. This machine can kill the fish weight at 0.4kg-4kg.
  5. Powerful functions directly implemented to kill the fish scales and processes, high production efficiency, large output.
  6. The size can be customized according to customer demand.

Specification of Fish Killing Gutting Filleting Machine

FunctionScaling and gutting
Machine size1000*500*700mm

Working Video of Living Fish Slaughtering Machine

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