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Small Chicken Feet Cutting Machine

Small Chicken Feet Cutting Machine is used to cut chicken feet. This Chicken Feet Cutting Machine adopts cavity type feeding device which has no damage to the claw. It adopts the ...
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Small Chicken Feet Cutting Machine is used to cut chicken feet. This Chicken Feet Cutting Machine adopts cavity type feeding device which has no damage to the claw. It adopts the molding cutter, cutting accuracy, neatly, without adhesion and producing no bone chips. The gear motor is made of high quality and has little noise. Feeding turntable is working through splitting precision transmission device accurate without error. Feeding plate and punching parts move relatively by mechanical interlocking mechanism, driving permanent and stability without error. The contact parts of material and machine are made in accordance with national food hygiene and keep the products clean.

Chicken feet processing machine is mainly used in pickled chicken feet industry and chicken feet production factory. In America and the UK, chicken feet export is a particularly profitable trade to Asian countries. Chicken feet enjoy a good market in Asia. They are sold in big markets or produced into pickled chicken feet, a popular snack food. In order to be sold in markets, chicken feet need to be cut into needed size with chicken feet cutting machine. Before making pickled chicken feet, it is important to cut chicken feet into small size which is easy to production process and packing. Chicken paw cutting machine is quite important in these industries.


Advantage Feature of Small Chicken Feet Cutter Machine

  1. Used for cutting chicken feet into small size.
  2. Adopting cavity feeding device with no damage to the claw.
  3. Equipped with molding cutter, cutting accurately and smooth, without bone chips.
  4. Running stable, low noise
  5. 5Contact parts are made of food-grade stainless steel material, in line with national food hygiene and healthy.

Specification of Small Chicken Paw Cutter Machine

  • Model: RM-RCFC30
  • Power 1.1 W
  • Capacity 30-40 pcs/min
  • Weight 280kg
  • Dimension 600*800*1200mm

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